Yuktha Earth Movers Machinery Works & Construction was established in the year 2018 by Vijay Sampangi & Murali Krishna Sampangi and also provides Earth moving Machineries on hire. Today the company is into various kinds of civil project works like Earth Excavation, Road Works, Underground Sewerage Pipe Line, Water Pipe Line, Building Basement Excavation, Mountain Landscaping & Land Leveling, Building demolishment, Storm Water and Drainage. YUHTHA Earth Movers has been delivering with excellence a huge range of earth moving machineries including Construction Machines Works, Drainage Distilling contract, Earth Works & De-Watering Services, excavation in rock and soil, Digging Work and Earth Moving Machinery, Pipeline, UGD works etc. YUKTHA Earth Movers specializes in Sewerage Project/Drainage/Nala Project both in open and closed RCC, Drainage Distilling contract.


GSB Road Works

All kind of pipe laying work excavation, murumbedding, laying, jointing & backfilling with compaction Road sub grade preparation with excavation, leveling, water sprinkling & compaction as per required technical specification and design GSB layer wise spreading by mechanical grader with water sprinkling compaction as per technical specification and design.

WBM Road Works

SBH shoring work with machine and labor. Severage line excavation pipe laying bedding and backfilling work. WBM road work (Preparation of sub grade by cutting, filling, spreading of WBM material as per specification with water sprinkling and compaction as per required specification) BT coat.

Vishwajit Sud & Co.

Excavation work done under Vishwajit Infrastructure for Oberoi, Nirlon, Kanakia Builders.

Sonam Builders

Through subcontract, Near - Golden nest Excavations Project of Mira- Bhayander site at Indralok.


Excavation for Mumbai kalina site woking in Progress.

Supreme Infrastructure India ltd

Design, build and operate contract Under LCB for underground sewerage scheme for Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation. Box SBH shoring in German Technology Single slide SBH shoring German Technology Double side SBH shoring German Technology Excavation of STP RSS.

Vardhman group

Excavation total of 10000cum an plot leveling and filling.

Builders Ltd.

Project of Mira-Bhayander site excavation of Plot, leveling and filling.

Realty the next Level

Excavation of Orchid Ozone, Dahisar.


To provide uncompromising, seamless and timely service and support to its valued customers in every geography it serves.


To empower each and every employee with cutting edge skills training to enable them to offer unmatched support and real time solutions to our customers.

Co-Founder By:

Vijay Sampangi
Murali Krishna Sampangi