Yuktha Earth Movers machinery works and construction was established in the year 2018 by Mr.vijay Sampangi and Mr. Murali Krishna.

Today the company is into various kinds of CONTRACTS for, Cellar Works, Venture Works, Crusher Roads, Crusher Work and Quarry, BT Roads, Building Construction with Material , Building Demonstration, Reconstruction of Buildings, Rock Cutting.

Yuktha has been delivering with excellence a huge range of MACHINERY for Earth Excavation, JCB, Road Works, Hitachi Breaker, House and Building Demolishment, Mountain Landscaping & Land Leveling, Building Basement for Excavation for "HIRE".

Yuktha takes up SERVICES like Construction Machinery Works, Drainage Distilling, Earth Works and De-Watering Services, Underground Sewerage pipeline, Excavation in rock and soil, Digging Work, Earth Moving Machinery, Pipeline and UGD Works. Yuktha Earth Movers machinery works and construction specilizes in contractions Project both in open and closed.

our projects

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T-Fiber will leverage the infrastructure such as RoW, trenching and ducting created under the prestigious Mission Bhagiratha. The Optical Fiber Cables will be deployed along water pipeline routes which have been already mapped for the entire state.


GSB Road Works

All kind of pipe laying work excavation, murumbedding. jointing & backfilling with compaction road subgrade preparation with leveling, water sprinkling & compaction as per required techinical specification and design.


WBM Road Works

SBH shoring work with machine and labor. Severage line excavation pipe laying bedding and backfilling work. WBM Road Work [preparation of sub grade by cutting,filling,spreading of WBM as per required specification)BT coat.



Dhenukula Engineering College at VIJAYAWADA 5,00,000: Ground+4 Floors Max.Span 35'-0" Banded Beam Slab System
LL:4 kN/m2 SDL:2 kN/m2.

Hospital facility for Appolo Hospials at HYDERABAD 2,50,000: Ground+7 Floors Max.Span 30'-0" Flat Slab System
LL:4 kN/m2 SDL:2 kN/m2.

Commercial Complex for MJR Constructions at NANAKRAM GUDA Hyderabad 2,50,000: 2 Cellars +Ground+10Floors Max.Span 30'-0" Flat Slab System
LL:5kN/m2 SDL:2 kN/m2.

Exhibition center at NSIC for NBCC at HYDERABAD 1,50,000: Ground+ 4 Floors Max.Span 50'-0" Flat Slab System
LL:4 kN/m2 SDL: 2 kN/m2.

Admin Building for Hetro Drugs HYDERABAD 1,00,000: Cellar+ Ground+ 4 Floors Max.Span 35'-0" Flat Slab System
LL:5 kN/m2 SDL:1.5 kN/m2.