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site Engineers

A site engineer is a member of a worksite management team who organizes and supervises construction projects. These professionals oversee the construction process and guide crew members with their technical knowledge to complete civil engineering projects.


An architect is the creative designer and planner of the construction project as the architects develop the creative design of the project as per the client’s requirement and explain how the project is to be constructed. Thus, an architect is involved in the construction project from start to finish as the duty of implementing the client’s vision of the project is on the shoulders of the architect.

Construction Project Manager

A project manager is the cornerstone of a construction project which looks after the project from start to completion. The manager is responsible for drafting the outline of the project and executing it as per the estimated timeline. The construction project manager is the construction site boss who keeps constant communication with the stakeholders and the construction workers to keep the project going in a synchronized way. A project manager is responsible for planning, budgeting, estimating the timeframe for project completion, and overseeing progress

Workers on the construction site

The construction workers are the pillars of the construction project, without whom a construction project cannot be completed. There are different types of workers on the construction site, like masonry and ironworkers. They are the ones who are working day and night on the guidelines provided by the construction project manager. The construction workers are the project’s driving force, which turns the project on paper into a reality.


Supervision is an additional task that the construction project manager majorly performs. The supervisor acts as an intermediary between the construction workers and the upper management, balancing the whole construction project. In addition, the supervisor is responsible for handling the construction site to avoid any kind of chaos on the construction site.

Electricians/ Technicians

The electricians or the technicians are the wiring men. They install the wiring in the newly constructed building and troubleshoot or fix any kind of electricity or wiring-related issue. During the construction, they are also responsible for fixing any light or power-related issue occurring on the construction site.