site Engineers

Integral members of worksite management teams, overseeing construction projects, guiding crew members with technical expertise for successful completion of civil engineering projects.


Creative designer and planner of construction projects, developing designs as per client's requirements and explaining construction methods. Involved from project inception to completion, responsible for implementing client's vision.

Construction Project Manager

Directs projects from start to finish, ensuring adherence to timelines. Leads site operations, facilitating communication between stakeholders and workers for synchronized progress. Tasks include planning, budgeting, timeline estimation, and progress oversight.

Workers on the construction site

Essential to construction projects, they execute tasks vital for project completion. Various roles include masonry and ironworkers. They work tirelessly under the guidance of the project manager, transforming project plans into reality.


Bridges communication between construction workers and upper management, ensuring smooth project operations. Responsible for maintaining order and efficiency on the construction site, overseeing tasks to prevent disruptions.

Electricians/ Technicians

Specialists in electrical installations and troubleshooting. They wire newly constructed buildings and address any electrical issues that arise during construction. Responsible for fixing lighting and power-related issues on the construction site.

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